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Estate & Personal Property Liquidators
  1. On Sight Sales
    On Sight Sales
    2-4 day sales events held at a private home. Complete set up, research, pricing, marketing and broom swept clean out. Each sale averaging at least 14,000 trackable views. No Upfront fees Free Consultations.
  2. Consignment
    We offer consignment sales from tea cups to tractors. Cars, Trucks, RVs, Boats no items are to large. Available to those who do not need a full estate liquidation and or selective unsold items after a sale event.
  3. Clean Outs
    Clean Outs
    Clean out service for property managers, banks or also available after a sales event. Several options available including leaving home broom swept and ready for the next phase. We do not offer cleaning service but I have a list of referrals for you or handle on your behalf.
  4. Antique Mall
    Antique Mall
    We prefer not to have a retail location however we do have 200 sq ft at the Point of View Antiques located on US 19 in Fanning Springs, FL Items come from personal inventory, buy outs and consignment of client's items. Visit often
  5. Buy Outs
    Buy Outs
    Many reasons why you many not need a full estate sale and prefer to turn it quickly and not consign your items. We do offer to help you with a buy out. If not ourselves, I will still give you referrals.
  6. Online Auctions
    Online Auctions
    Another option for consignment and pre-selling prior to a liquidation event. Finding the right buyer for the unique items