Best team ever!

  1. Debbie B
    Debbie B
    aka "The Good"
    your primary contact and go to gal, she is unstoppable on the computer with research and marketing... If no one else can find, she can. Collecting antiques and unique collectibles has been a passion all her life. Debbie has a 35 year career in design and retail sales working both in the home fashion and the wedding industry.
  2. Rose W
    Rose W
    aka "The Old" respectfully
    Our Matriarch... working in Antique Malls & Estate liquidation services for the past 18 years with her younger daughter, Brenda in Atlanta. Estate Sales by Brenda. Amazing at estate stagging and set up to optimize space and presentation to gain highest value possible. She has the largest miniature collection I have every seen...
  3. Linda N
    Linda N
    aka "Ocala is in the House"
    a frequent buyer who became a good friend. Always ready to help on our larger events. Her knowledge of items is amazing.
  4. Jaden R
    Jaden R
    aka Princess Jaden
    Jaden, our granddaughter has been around our sales since the beginning and always inspects the toy section to make sure everything is just right... she has begun her own collection of Disney Princesses and a very special collection of everything "Mermaid"
  5. Gail L
    Gail L
    aka "The Bee"
    Ms Gail is also always there when we need her. She never stops and is eager to help anyone with anything. A dear friend and a great person.
  6. Ken B
    Ken B
    aka "The Ugly"
    ok... this label came about simply from the process of elimination... however let Mr Ken catch someone stealing at one of our sales and you could say it is going to get ugly... He is our security, our muscle and our locksmith. He owns and operates "The KeyMan" Always there for sale days and ready to assist.
  7. William R
    William R
    aka Ugly in training
    Debbie's son, when he is not out of town for work he is always an extra hand.